The Functional Training Academy

- For The Athlete in You.


Functional training:
Functional training is any type of exercise that has a direct relationship to the activities you perform in your daily life or in a particular sport.

Whether you are a runner, an athlete, or simply a homemaker who wants to carry their children without injury, functional training is the answer. Functional training has its origins in science and discovering how the body functions and what muscles are used when put under certain strains and stresses. We can even look at the medical side using functional training because of its benefits. Physical therapists developed exercises that mimicked what patients did at home or work in order to return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery. If a patient's job required repeated heavy lifting, rehab would be targeted towards helping them achieve that.

We at FTA - The Functional Training Academy have teamed up with the industries most advanced manufactures of fitness equipment and pulled together the brains and research of top trainers across North America, Europe, Asia and South America to bring the best functional training solutions here under one roof. The Functional Training Academy was born and tailored “For the Athlete in You!”

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